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Modern Calligraphy

If your stationery fetish is anything like mine, you may have noticed the resurgence of a new kind of calligraphy. Just search for ‘modern calligraphy’ on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see what we mean. This new wave of calligraphy is free, flourishing and stylistically very different from it’s medieval roots, yet the quill pens used are much the same. Calligraphy has certainly recaptured imaginations of designers, artists and stylish folk the world over, but why?


Perhaps, like many resurfacing crafts it’s the satisfaction of breaking away from computer screens and hard-edged graphics to find something that can be created by hand, with nothing more complex than a pen and paper.


I decided to trial one of the new breed of calligraphy classes on offer that are quickly developing a cult following amongst young creatives. Hidden away in a cosy Islingon pub, North London, Chiara, the talented designer and creative brains of Lamplighter London played host to 30 keen calligraphers, who met to eat cake and practice their letterforms.


The 3 hour sessions are perfectly tailored to beginners looking to try their hand at something new. We began by drawing simple shapes, different curves and lines to practice the thick and thin weights necessary.With a little confidence and a lot of enthusiasm we quickly progressed onto letters and eventually full words.


By the end of the session, words and full phrases flourished from our ink and nibs. Although wobbly, we felt equipped with the knowledge to perfect the art at home. What’s more the course, just £45, includes a pen, ink and starter pack so there’s excuse not to continue.This is a great skill to tuck under your belt, perfect for creating personalized invitations, place names or greetings cards that your friends will be sure to love, treasure and display.

For inspiration have a look at my modern calligraphy Pinterest board here.



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