What's happening in Melbourne?

Leah Jackson
Maryanne Moodie
Ink and Spindle

...Some pretty cool creative action - that's what. From top to bottom; Leah Jackson, Maryanne Moodie and Ink & Spindle. Wherever I look these days it seem that there is a real hive of creativity happening in Melbourne. It makes me itch to visit and dicover these exciting studios dotted around. Having travelled to Melbourne a few years ago I can see why it's inhabitants are so inspired. The vibe is very independent and culturally rich. Though I was only passing through, I quickly fell for the Fitztroy area.

These cherry picked artists are just a small clutch of what's happeneing on the Aussie arts scene and I find more everyday, especially though instagram. One article in Uppercase magazine got me especially interested in the incredible hand weaving of Maryanne Moodie. In fact I even bought a loom and had a go myself. It was a very mindful task indeed, much like knitting and so rewarding to see your little artwork woven into life. I also love the bohemian air these wallhangings give to an interior. I recomend her shop - and reading on it looks like Maryanne Moodie has now upped sticks to Brooklyn, so I'll be putting that on my travel list too.

If you're hooked on contemporary weaving too you may also like the work of UK weaving artists Margo Selby and Ptolemy Mann featured in my post Weaving Wonderful.