Save the Date, or not?

I was chuffed this week to be asked to contribute to a 'Love My Dress' feature on 'saving the date' and I decided to share my expanded thoughts with you here too.

If you’re a stationery lover like me, you’ll be longing to see your wedding day announced in print, way before you’re actually ready to send out all the finer details. This is what makes save the date cards so exciting. They’re a quick first hit for stationery addicts! Save the dates are wonderfully simple to arrange, as all you need is the date and your names. But it’s one of those real goose-bumps moments the first time you see your details beautifully typeset on luxurious card. Sharing that ‘wow, this is really happening’ feeling with your guests is a lot of fun too.

It’s a mini moment of joy for your guests to see that first glimpse of the look and feel you have in store. Save the dates are a great sneak preview of elements which will make your wedding unique - even if you don’t have the whole thing figured out just yet. Lots of couples now opt for a quick email or even a text, (gasp…) to save the date, but if you’re someone that loves to keep things real, printed postcards or note cards make a much more timeless memento for you and your guests to display and keep.

On a practical note sending out save the dates early actually buys you lots more time to make the rest of your wedding plans. Once the date is in everyone’s diary you can relax, focus on the rest of your plans and send the full details out just a couple of months before the big day.

It can feel daunting to choose a design for your save the dates at an early stage of your plans, when other style elements may be undecided. The answer to this is to go pure and simple. A plain card with elegant text and subtle colours can feel exquisite in its minimalism. If you’re a decisive type and already have a lengthy Pinterest board of exactly the look you want, then dive in. Any good designer will be able to interpret those ideas into something beautiful and unique for you.

Studio Sophie have a decade of design experience and are brimming with ideas. We’re very happy to hear from couples seeking a little style advice and to work with them through choosing and creating gorgeous stationery that is tailored to them.