How to style your wedding: where do you start?

This weekend I’m having a wonderful time at Most Curious wedding fair, exhibiting my stationery designs and meeting lots of lovely brides to be (and a sprinkling of grooms!) But my most frequently asked question has definitely been: ‘How do I tackle style-overwhelm? When there is literally so much gorgeous and original stuff out there for creating a totally unique wedding, and frankly you love IT ALL!’ How do you begin to curate the look that is right for you and not go overboard clashing your geos and your bohos? If you can’t afford a planner or stylist and you’re not a confident creative yourself, it can feel pretty daunting. So! I wanted to write the post to help you get started.

1. Look for clues! The obvious sources of inspiration can be found in the parts of your day you might have already homed in on – perhaps the venue has a distinctive architectural style or the dress feels like it belongs with a certain era or wider trend. You might pick up on words used by your suppliers, are you having an ‘opulent’ cake or a ‘cosy ceremony’ – these can all spark ideas for the rest of your styling.

2. Make a Pinterest board or scrapbook of things in wedding magazines and elsewhere that you like. This could be the work of weeks (a lifetime in some cases!) but it can easily be done in a lazy evening too.

3. Divide and conquer! Try to sort your content into groups of similar things. What goes well together? Which bits have a similar vibe? Put things that totally clash into separate groups. You might spend a while swapping things around. You might find there are no real clashes, in which case, yay! You have a clear vision, skip to the next step! If you have two or more groups that are quite different, like ‘grey, gold and minimalist’ versus ‘coral, pink, red and bohemian’ then it’s time to get decisive and choose one over the other. However if you can see a way to combine elements of both – try pulling these parts into a new moodboard.

4. Once you’re happy with your moodboard, look again and be brutal. Which colours are really your favourites? Which images don’t actually add much to the look? Get rid of them! You’ll know you’ve finished when you can easily complete the sentences below;

The main two or three colours for my wedding will be ____ and the overall style is quite ____ because I want it to feel ____.

5. Pin this sentence up on your fridge / desk / office computer (what? You’re so obviously not doing any work right now) and then let it guide your choices throughout the rest of your plans.

This is a really simple way to keep you on track and ensure everything looks beautiful together on the day.

Good luck girl! It’s going to be fabulous.